Prince Albert National Park

The park is located in central Saskatchewan,

The park opened on March 24, 1927 but it didn’t have its official opening ceremonies till August 10, 1928. it is open all year round but its busiest time is May to September. Waskesiu is the only town within the park, its filled with tons of souvenir shops, a gas station, a laundromat, restaurants, hotels and rental cabins. And it even has a a small movie theatre and a few small grocery stores.

The park has a lot of trails they range from 2 to 54 kilometers. With arrange of activities to canoeing down remote rivers to waterskiing and wakeboarding. And has a variety of trails for mountain biking. The park also has horseback riding, they have three trails and your able to ride through and view one of Saskatchewan largest protected wilderness areas.

The small town of Waskesiu along with Waskesiu Lake. offers a wide range of lakefront recreation, dining and accommodation options. It also has access to the park’s backcountry trails, lakes and rivers.

If you happen to end up in Saskatchewan make a quick stop for a day or to and go to Prince Albert National Park

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