Grimsby’s Colourful Cottages

Located in Grimsby , Ontario is a series of colourful cottages by Lake Ontario. These little Victorian styled gingerbread cottages are defiantly a must see if your going through Grimsby. I sadly only got a few pictures of the cottages well I was there. Take some tie to walk around and take a look at these cute cottages that look like their from candy land or a child’s colouring book. To get to the cottages take exit 68 (Bartlett Avenue North) towards the lake. Take a left onto Lake and then a right onto Betts. And you’ll find a lot of narrow lanes like Temple Lane and Auditorium circle.


History: The land known back in the late 1800s as Ontario’s Methodist Camp Meeting Ground. And the group would hold week long religious revivals. As the vent became more and more popular. Around 1875 they started building cottages as a comfortable living space instead of tents. After many years of adding new attractions to Grimsby Beach the Methodists went bankrupt in 1909. Years later an American bought the land and turned it into a amusement park. In 1927 30 cottages had been burned down by a terrible fire. Around the 1940s the attractions started shutting down. And many of the cottages have turned into year round homes.




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