The Local Abandoned House


Prince Albert National Park

The park is located in central Saskatchewan, The park opened on March 24, 1927 but it didn't have its official opening ceremonies till August 10, 1928. it is open all year round but its busiest time is May to September. Waskesiu is the only town within the park, its filled with tons of souvenir shops, a... Continue Reading →

Diy Flower Pot Decor

I've recently been looking for ways to add decorations to my room because its very bland. So ended up going to a thrift store with my mum because she was going to donate clothes. While I was there I bought some cute faux flowers, that were very cheap and that would go very well with the colour of my room.... Continue Reading →

Grimsby’s Colourful Cottages

Located in Grimsby , Ontario is a series of colourful cottages by Lake Ontario. These little Victorian styled gingerbread cottages are defiantly a must see if your going through Grimsby. I sadly only got a few pictures of the cottages well I was there. Take some tie to walk around and take a look at... Continue Reading →

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